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Oui Beauty Lip Boosting Kit

A luxurious ritual for the lips – an alternative or supplement to the augmentation procedure with hyaluronic acid. Oui Beauty Boosting kit is dedicated to people who want to improve the condition of their lips by moisturizing and rejuvenating them. 

During the treatment, a safe, dermatologically tested roller and a serum with oils from hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and soybeans are used.

The course of the procedure: The procedure consists of rolling the lips and their area, i.e. microneedling of the lip in an appropriate manner for about 2 minutes, after disinfecting the treatment area. Additionally, we enhance the effect by massaging in a dedicated serum.


irregular and rough structure of the mouth
fine wrinkles around the lips
emphasizing the shape and color of the lips
preparation of the lips for the application of makeup


viral, bacterial and fungal diseases of the mouth and its vicinity
contact allergies
other inflammation and irritation

Frequency of use: twice a month, in the case of the lips after the hyaluronic acid modeling treatment – once a month, but the serum can be used more often, even daily.

Cryo T-Shock

Cryo T-Shock is one of the latest devices that shapes the body, reduces localized excess fat, while firming the skin and having anti-aging properties. This technology uses thermokinetic processes, especially the reaction of fat cells to thermal shock, to improve the appearance of the face and the body as a whole.

The aim of the treatment is to induce apoptosis, i.e. slow programmed death of fat cells, which, compared to other cells, are more susceptible to the effects of low temperatures. During the procedure, lower and higher temperatures are used to influence the body’s thermoregulatory mechanisms, which stimulate the skin and tissues, accelerating cellular activity. This device, from the Italian company Pagani, meets the safety requirements, and the appropriately selected temperature and its control ensure effectiveness individually matched to the needs. The treatment is non-invasive, but it is recommended to perform them in series of 4 to 8, depending on the needs. In cases of fat tissue reduction, the intervals between treatments should be 2 weeks, and in the case of anti-aging procedures, once a week.


1. localized excess body fat
2. double chin
3. cellulite of any type
4. skin laxity and wrinkles
5. loss of the oval of the face
6. swelling under the eyes
7. vascular skin including the initial stage of rosacea
8. acute and chronic pain in the area of ​​the locomotor system


1. unregulated thyroid disease or other metabolic disease
2. severe kidney or liver disease
3. pregnancy
4. infections in the treatment area and systemic
5. damage to the skin and epidermis in the area undergoing therapy
6. hypersensitivity or allergy to heat / cold
7. raynaud’s disease / syndrome
8. cancer
9. minority

Po zabiegu:

1. light diet, drinking about 1.5 liters of water a day
2. walks, moderate exercise

Oshin Bian technique

Oshin Bian is a ritual of manual face lifting that relies on advanced techniques with the use of Bian stone sticks.

The 70-minute renewal program includes:

  • a relaxing massage of the head and shoulder girdle
  • energetizing and bust lifting (which has an impact on the aesthetic correction of the face through connections and mutual interaction of anatomical structures) !! !! !!
  • manual aesthetic correction of the face, neck and cleavage
  • lifting massage with Bian stones!

We position the manual therapy of the face, neck and cleavage as an introduction and as a supplement to classic aesthetic medicine treatments. I really care about a holistic approach to the regeneration of the face and body, and consequently to achieve spectacular effects of restoring natural radiance !!!

Amino Acid Replacement Therapy

Jalupro amino acid replacement therapy is a combination of high concentrations of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a complex of: glycine, L-lysine, L-proline and L-leucine.

It is used to rebuild, regenerate, strengthen and revitalize the skin. This treatment involves the administration of preparations in the form of shallow injections in strictly defined places on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté and other parts of the body.

Jalupro® classic
Indications for the procedure:

1. laxity, dryness, photoaging and antiaging of the skin of the face, décolleté and neck low and medium grade skin of the face, neck, décolleté, arms, thighs, knees and abdomen
2. supportive in the treatment of atrophic scars, acne scars and stretch marks
3.  preparation of the skin for other treatments, e.g. with fillers

Cyclicality every 10 days: 3 x

Jalupro® HMW
Indications for the procedure:

1. advanced face and body skin laxity, photoaging and antiaging
2. folds and wrinkles of the skin of the neck and décolleté
3. areas prone to the formation of deeper wrinkles, e.g. nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, barcode, also as an early prophylaxis in young people before treatments with fillers

Cyclicality every 20 days: 2 x

Contraindications to Jalupro® Classsic and HMW

1. infection in the treatment area
2. pregnancy and breastfeeding
3. unregulated autoimmune disease
4. hypersensitivity to the ingredients of preparations

It is a procedure of a synergistic combination of Jalupro® classic amino acid replacement therapy with botulinum toxin, developed by prof. Luca Piovano. The mechanism of action is a gentle relaxation of the entrusted muscle fibers, without turning off facial expressions, with illumination, hydration and improvement of skin quality. The treatment is performed on specific areas of the face and neck skin.


1. forehead wrinkles
2. eye area wrinkles
3. bar code (wrinkles above the lips)
4. bends and irregularities in the chin area
5. wrinkles in the neck area


1. infections in the treatment area
2. pregnancy and breastfeeding
3. hypersensitivity to the ingredients of preparations
4. disorders of neuromuscular conduction
5. use of certain medications
6. unregulated autoimmune diseases
7. active therapies for neoplastic diseases

Cyclicality: every 3-6 months

The treatment using the JaluToxin procedure is performed
only by trained doctors in certified offices

EVLT – (Endovenous Laser Treatment) endovascular laser, thermal ablation of veins

EVLT (Endovenous laser treatment)  can be explained  as intravenous obliteration of big, morbidly changed, venous trunks (great saphenous vein and small saphenous vein) and smaller branches.

The technique , under the control of  Doppler ultrasound, is based on the introduction of a special casing, through which a probe, so-called a fiber terminated with a laser light is inserted. The best tool for this type of treatment is a generator which produces a wave of 1470 nm and an optical fiber with a radial end.

This intervention can be done instead of a traditional operation (Babock method) which is a regular stripping , the classical removal of great saphenous vein.

The risk of the recurrence is the same , usually 3-5%, after a laser and traditional treatment.

EVLT has been widely examined and the observations have been done for more than 10 years.

The anesthesia which is used for this type of an intervention is called a tumescent anesthesia (from a latin: tumescere: to swell). It is a type of a local anesthesia but with a big amount of a reduced concentration of an anesthetic agent. This is a best type of anesthesia for this type of intervention, because it also helps to contract the vein and also picks up the energy from the around tissue.

In contrast to a classical operation EVLT method is much less invasive. After 1-2 hours of observation , the patient can return home.

After the treatment the special stockings with compression are recommended to be worn for 21 days


Nowadays, both EVLT and Clarivein treatment, we join with a local miniphlebectomy and sclerotherapy in order to exclude not only the main venous trunk but also smaller branches, which give varicose veins in the area of knee or calf.

It improves the aesthetic result and and shortens the period of varicose vein closure. Sometimes, in some difficult cases with extensive varicose veins, the additional sclerotherapies are needed after 4-6 weeks.

CLARIVEIN: Mechanico-chemical ablation of veins

Clarivein is an alternative system to the thermal ablation of veins. In contrast to EVLT, as mentioned above, tumescent anesthesia, is not needed.

There is only a point local anesthesia iused at probe’s place of insertion into the vein. The energy is not necessary for this treatment (MOCA- mechanic-chemical ablation). In some cases it is better to use this method for ablation of a small saphenous vein.

Except from a special rotator, 2% aetoxysclerol is used for Clarivein intervention and the effect of this treatment is more durable than sclerotherapy itself. After 1-2 hours of observation, a patient can return home. After the treatment the special stockings with compression are recommended to be worn for 21 days.

Sclerotherapy under Doppler ultrasound control

Sclerotherapy under the control of Doppler is used to obliterate the bigger venous trunks. It helps to avoid surgery, sometimes it can be used instead of miniphlebectomy. During the treatment liquid or foam mixed with air are used in concentration from 1% to 3%.

The type of sclerotherapy under ultrasound control is the sclerotherapy with endovascular catheter, Doppler is used to illustrate the proper venous trunk. During sclerotherapy vein ( varicose vein) contracts and become fibrotic. Not only one sclerotherpy is needed to obliterate the vein, sometimes 2 or 3 sessions of treatment are necessary.

Side effects after sclerotherapy (they are sometimes present): irregularity or discoloration or hyperpigmantation of skin after obliteration of the vein, especially of a bigger caliber.

To avoid or to reduce the risk the mentioned side effects we recommend special stockings and local pads for compression, we suggest compression for 10-14 days depending on the place and extent of the treatment.

Sclerotherapy with illumination

This intervention is based on injections into small veins, teleangiectasia, small varicose veins. For this purpose the chemical substance polidocanol (aetoxysclerol) is used in various concentration from 0.5% to 2% of liquid or foam mixed with air in order to contract the vessel and then to fibrosis. This intervention is repeated, done in sessions usually every one month. For injections of the vessels the special kind of spotlight is used called illuminator to illustrate them well.


The diagnostics of the diseases of blood vessels: Doppler ultrasound examination of:

  • The venous system of upper and lower limbs (arms and legs),
  • The arteries system of upper and lower limbs (arms and legs),
  • The cranial flows (carotid arteries).

Doppler ultrasound helps to diagnose the blood vessels diseases, atherosclerosis of the vessels, vascular inflammatory diseases, aneurysms and also the defects of the arteries in the limbs.

Doppler scan lets evaluate the patency of venous system, exclude or confirm the thrombosis of the veins and to assess efficiency of superficial and deep venous system. It is a basic examination for qualification for the type of treatment of venous diseases (varicose veins).

The Doppler ultrasound is a basic tool in the diagnostics of various types of ulcerations and wounds on the legs (lower limbs).

The Doppler examination of carotid arteries is done after stroke, TIA, in case of dizziness or fainting to exclude or confirm the disorders of vessels of the neck and the base of the brain.


The interventions in dermatosurgery are to remove the lesions from the skin and the subcutaneous tissue from the various parts of the body for cosmetic reasons and also to get the histopathological examination result (e.g: lopomas, atheromas, fibromas, neuromas and other from skin and subcutaneous tissue).

It is also to take the biopsy from the dermatological diseases to diagnose them with the use of histopathology.

Side effects:

  • Rare: purulence of wound, the break up of the wound, wound hematoma.

Threads BARBS (lifting threads)

There are some alternative to the surgical lifting of the face.

The soluble threads, type BARB, are implanted in the subcutaneous tissue to improve the oval of the face and jaw and cheeks contouring.

The first lifting effect is due to mechanical lifting of threads, but the long term effect is connected with neo-collagenesis and the formation of the natural support in the skin. Barbs have microscopic hooks which keep them in the right place in the subcutaneous tissue and protect them from moving.

The course of treatment: After the local anesthesia, the thread is implanted under the skin with cannula and the exact lifting effect and face remodeling is visible immediately. Usually 3-5 threads are applied per side.


Face oval loss with the special consideration to so- called hamsters,
Clearly visible naso-labial folds and marionette lines,
Flattening of the medial part of the face and cheek outline loss.


Active autoimmune disease,
Neoplasmatic disease in the process of treatment,
Pregnancy and breast feeding period.

Side effects:

  • Skin folding,
  • Edema,
  • Bruises,
  • Pain and skin tension.

The return to normal activity after a few days.


Sculptra or L-polilactic acid is the strongest known activator of the endogenous collagen. It is used to restore the volume loss, which is formed in ageing process or genetically conditioned.


Face oval loss
Concave temples,
Volume loss of cheeks and chin.


Autoimmune diseases,
Neoplasmatic diseases,
Tendency to keloid formation,
Infection in the area of treatment,
Pregnancy and breast feeding period.

Sculptra therapy is a method which improves ones look in the natural way. The effects are observed gradually within 6-12 weeks after treatment and are maintained up to 2 years.

Hyperpigmentation reduction (Cosmelan/Dermamelan)

The procedure with Cosmelan/Dermamelan has been the best procedure to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin so far, especially with the large areas located on the face.

The whitening substances are the components of this formula and their effectiveness reaches 80%. Firstly, after a proper preparation of the skin, the patient has a mustard paste applied over the skin which is washed off after afer a few hours by the patient. Next, a special cream is used in the home treatment for 1-3 months. The hyperpigmentation correction is usually observed after 2-4 weeks.

The treatment with Cosmelan/Dermamelan, except from the brightening effect is characterised by the very intensive anti-ageing action.

Besides Cosmelan/Dermamelan, well matched medical peels are used.in the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Stretch mark removal

Stretch marks are formed as a result of collage fibres and elastin damage in the skin due to sudden changes of weight, rapid growth or hormonal disorders.

The are frequent, especially in women and they are located on thights,buttocks, breast and abdominal area. Combination therapy is important in the treatment of stretch marks:

  • Regular physical exercises with a possible reduction of weight if needed,
  • Diet,
  • Massage,
  • Firming treatments including nourishing mesotherapy and platelet rich plasma,
  • Dermapen.

Scars removal

Modern aeshtetic medicine deals quite well with the different kind of scars: post acne, after burns and other injuries, both hypo and hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Scar removal is usually a multi-stage process and the final result depends on the age of the scar, its extent and depth. In the treatment of scars combination therapy is used:

  • Chemical peels,
  • Dermapen,
  • Cryotherapy,
  • Mesotherapy (also with platelet rich plasma),
  • Pharmacotherapy (including the injections of corticosteroids into keloids).

Cellulite reduction

The treatment of cellulite is a combination therapy.

It should be based on the right chosen topical therapy, diet, physical exercises, massage or endermology with a connection with a lypolitic mesotherapy like ALIDYA treatment.

The treatment of the cellulite with Alidya, discovered by prof. Pasquale Motolese, is based on the chelation phenomenon of metals (mainly iron ions), toxins dissolving and the improvement of skin circulation. The procedure has a draining, anti-edema and firming effect.


Abdominal area,


Blood coagulation disorders,
Pregnancy and breast feeding period,
Neoplasmatic diseases,
Autoimmune diseases,
Liver and kidneys diseases.


  • 7-12 treatments/specific area, once a week.

Side effects:

  • Often: bruises, delicate edema, erythema, pain
  • Rare: allergic reaction

Excessive fat tissue removal (LIPOLYSIS)

The substances used for lipolysis, after injection in the treated area, dissolve the fat tissue and the fat cells are later removed from the organism.

After the application of a local anaesthetic, usually with the cream, the doctor performs several injections into the subcutaneous tissue with the certain quantity of the liquid product in the treated area.


Abdominal area,
Hips area,
The inner side of thighs and knees,
Double chin,
Outer surface of thighs (so called breeches).


Blood coagulation disorders,
Pregnancy and breast feeding period,
Neoplasmatic diseases,
Autoimmune diseases,
Liver rand kidneys diseases.

Side effects:

  • Often: pain, pruritus, burning, erythema, edema (it can persist for a few days, max 14)
  • Rare: induration, fibrosis, allergic reaction
  • Extremely rare: necrosis, scar.

Hair loss

Hair loss is a natural process which is a result of 3 different phases : growth, falling out and rest.

Usually we go for the consultation of the dermatologist when we loose more than 100 hairs per day or areas with alopecia appear, sometimes even with scarring.

The factors which influence hair loss are:

  • Systemic diseases (including autoimmune diseases) with a special consideration of thyroid diseases,
  • Different skin problems,
  • Intensive or long stress,
  • External factors, including wrong care or the damages with chemical substances (hair dye),
  • Genetic factors.

The treatment of hair loss and the diseases causing hair is based on the right choice of pharmacotherapy in combination with mesotherapy of the scalp, including platelet rich plasma and the stimulation of hair growth with dermapen. Supportive therapy can also be given in cooperation with a psychologist and psychiatrist.

Closing the teleangiectasia up (ELECTROCOAGULATION)

The treatment is based on the use of a variable current of high frequency, which produces the high temperature at the top of the electrode. It causes the occlusion of the vessel and denaturation of the proteins of the skin. The procedure is usually bloodless, there are only small crusts right after.


  • Teleangiectasia of the face, neck, decollete, stellar and ruby hemangiomas.


  • Pregnancy,
  • Pacemaker,
  • The presence of big metal elements in the body.

Platelet rich plasma- Regeneris

The therapy of platelet rich plasma is based on injecting autologous material in the skin, which has been taken from the patient’s own tissue.

In the plasma taken from the patient’s own blood are platelets. These platelets are the dominants and they produce a large amount of growth factors. These factors help to regenerate and revitalize the skin and hair.

The course of the treatment:

  • During the procedure there are 6-18 ml of blood taken from the patient, which are next centrifuged in order to separate the plasma from the blood.
  • The gained material is injected as mesotherapy with the needle or with the cannula in linear vectors.


Ageing prevention,
The reduction of fine wrinkles,
Skin hydration and brightening,
The reduction of scars and wrinkles,
The improvement of hair condition and inhibition of hair loss and reversal of the processes of alopecia.


Bacterial, viral and fungal infection in the treated area (including active herpes),
Pregnancy and breast feeding period,
Unregulated autoimmune disease.

Side effects:

  • Often: Bruises
  • Rare: skin infection,
  • Periodicity – At least 3 treatments every 3-4 weeks, each with the anaesthetic cream half hour before.

Wrinkles removal – botulinum toxin (BOTOX)

Botulinum toxin, popularly called BOTOX, is a substance used to correct mimic wrinkles of the face.

The effect of the treatment is the relaxation of the certain muscules and the smoothing of the wrinkles.

The intervention, done by the doctor, is based on injecting the liquid substance in the suitable region. The injection is delicate, almost painless, done with the very thin needle.


Horizontal wrinkles of the forehead,
Wrinkles around the eyes (so-called crow’s feet),
Wrinkles above the upper lip- barecode (so-called smokers wrinkles),
Wrinkles between the brows (so-called frown lines),
Wrinkles of the nose (so-called rabbit),
Hooked nose (nose tip falling),
Falling corners of the mouth,
Excessive maseters,
The correction of the mentalis muscle.


Infection of the treated region,
Pregnancy and the breast feeding period,
The disorders of the neuromuscular conduction,
Some drugs taking (discussed with the doctor before the intervention).


It should be considered to be repeated every 3-6 month.
The full effect after 14 days,
The return to regular activity immediately.


Recommendations after treatment. It is prohibited to:

  • To bend down and lie down for 4 hours after treatment,
  • To fly within one day,
  • To expose the treated area to heat for up to 5 days after (sun bed, sauna),
  • To press the treated region (helmet, goggles),

Skin augmentation with hialuronic acid

Hialuronic acid is a natural component of the skin which provides the exact hydration, firmness, smoothness and and elasticity.

It has been used in estetic medicine for more than 20 years and it is considered to be one of the safest filler. Nowadays hialuronic acid is the most common filler to correct wrinkles and for reconstruction and modeling of the face.

I work with the products of the reputable companies such as: Juvederm (ALLERGAN), Teosyal (TEOXANE), StylAge (VIVACY) and Princess (CROMA).

The course of the procedure: After prior skin anaesthesia, the doctor injects hialuronic acid, which is a gel, in the corrected region with the needle or canula.


The correction of naso-labial folds,
The correction of barcode above the upper lip (so-called smokers’ wrinkles),
The correction of the chin (so-called marionette lines)
Lip filling and hydrating,
The reduction of the falling corners of the mouth,
Volume and symmetr restoration with the correction of the face oval,
The reduction of the eye shadows,
The correction of the nose.


Infection in the treated region,
The general infection especially of the upper respiratory tract and sinusitis,
Dental interventions, especially implantology and root canal treatment of the tooth within the one month period,
Unregulated autoimmune disease,
Neoplasmatic disease (especially in the treatment period),
Pregnancy and breast feeding period.

Side effects:

  • Often: bruises, edema up to few days, delicate erythema, pain,
  • Rare: giant edema, asymetry, allergy, nodule,
  • Extremely rare: infection, necrosis, induration, scar.

Periodicity: one intervention in the certain region every 8-12 months, the patient can return to normal activity immediately.

Mesotherapy of skin and scalp

This method is based on skin injections with suitable substances such as: hialuronic acid, vitamins, peptides, amino-acids, antioxidants, minerals and others, evenly given in small deposits.

I work with following products: Redensity I, NCTF HA, RRS HA, RRS eses, Jalupro HNW, Skinbooster Restylane, Hydra Max Styl Age, XL hair, Alidya, Priness Rich Croma.


Ageing prevention,
The reduction of fine wrinkles,
Skin hydration and brightening,
The reduction of scars and stretch marks,
The improvement of hair condition and inhibition of hair loss and reversal of the processes of alopecia,
Cellulite removal.


Bacterial, viral and fungal infection of the treated skin (including active herpes),
Pregnancy and breast feeding period,
Unregulated autoimmune disease.

Side effects:

  • Often: bruises, transitional irregularities of the skin,
  • Rare: allergic reaction, skin infections,
  • Extremely rare: persistent lumps.

Periodicity: 3-6 interventions every 2-4 weeks, each with the anaesthetic cream.

Medical peel

This is an estetic intervention which has to peel off the superficial layers of the epidermis in order to refresh, regenerate and hydrate the skin.

I perform peels based on: solutio Jessner, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, almond acid, lactic acid, retinol and ferulic acid.

The procedure is to apply, on prepared skin, the certain layers of the peel – it is usually an liquid or gel, well selected to the type of skin and the problem of the patient.

The procedure takes from a few to several minutes and it is generally painless although burning, tingling or pulling of the skin can occur. The erythema may stay for a few hours. After 2 days the skin starts to peel off which continues from 3 to 5-6 days.

In the periods between peels it is recommended to take care of the skin with a moisturising cream which has some regenerative properties (Zinalfat, Cicalfate, Cicaplast) and to remember to protect the skin with sunscreens with the highest protective factor (SPF 50+).


Ageing prevention,
Hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the skin,
Skin slenderness and fine wrinkles,
Scars (including post acne),
Comedonic acne and excessive skin greasing.


Bacterial and viral infections (including active herpes),
Pregnancy and breast feeding period,
Unregulated autoimmune disease,
Tanned skin

Side effects:

  • May happen: erythema, edema, transitional discoloration, the possibility of herpes activation,
  • Rare: contact allergic dermatitis, blister, persistant hyperpigmentation or discoloration, scar.

General dermatology – Treatment

The therapy of skin diseases is based on using the external medicines (ointments,creams,gels, lotions), the general medicines given orally and the UV therapy (UVA, UVB, Lasers).

I treat many skin diseases such as:

  • bacterial diseases,
  • viral – common warts, plane warts, herpes, zoster,
  • fungal infections of the skin, hair and nails,

and allergic skin diseases:

  • urticarias,
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • both allergic and irritant contact dermatitis (so-called eczema).


  • acne vulgaris ( with the special treatment of post-acne scars),
  • rosacea,
  • seborrhoeic dermatitis,
  • psoriasis,
  • alopecia and other hair disorders,
  • lichen planus,
  • other skin immunological disorders,
  • benign neoplasm: seborrhoeic warts, fibromas, cysts and others.

Besides that I treat other skin problems like:

  • stretch marks,
  • scars,
  • over-sweating,
  • callus and clavus,
  • hemangiomas,
  • teleangiectasia.

General dermatology – The diagnostics

DERMOSCOPY is a method of diagnosing both melanocytic ( so- called moles) and non melanocytic skin lesions with the use of a special microscope. The examination is not painful and it is based on applying the microscope on the skin and the evaluation of the skin structures by the doctor with magnification. The method improves the chance of the correct verification of the skin moles and the diagnosis of skin neoplasm including melanoma, the most dangerous one.


1. Dermatologia ogólna – I.diagnostyka( dermoskopia) i II. leczenie chorób skóry

2. Medycyna estetyczna – poprawa i regeneracja skóry

– korekcja i przywrócenie prawidłowych proporcji twarzy

3. Dermatochirurgia – usuwanie zmian skórnych,

– diagnostyka zmian na skórze ( pobranie wycinka do badania


4. Chirurgia naczyniowa I. diagnostyka chorób naczyń: badanie dopplerowskie :

a/układu żylnego kończyn dolnych i górnych,

b/układu tętniczego kończyn górnych i dolnych,

c/przepływy dogłowowe ( tętnice szyjne)

5. Flebologia (leczenie chorób żył, żylaków)

II. zabiegi :

1.skleroterapia z iluminacją,

2.skleroterapia pod kontrolą USG dopplerowskiego

3.EVLT- laser endowaskularny, ablacja termiczna żył

4.CLARIVEIN- ablacja chemiczno-mechaniczna żył.

Revitalization of the skin with Juvederm Volite after summer

The intervention with Juvederm Volite increases hydration and elasticity of the skin, gives her brightening and corrects fine wrinkles.

The product, Juvederm Volite, is a cross-linked hialuronic acid which has more intense activity than classic mesotherapy with visible effects up to 9 months.

It can be used over the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands.