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The diagnostics of the diseases of blood vessels: Doppler ultrasound examination of:

  • The venous system of upper and lower limbs (arms and legs),
  • The arteries system of upper and lower limbs (arms and legs),
  • The cranial flows (carotid arteries).

Doppler ultrasound helps to diagnose the blood vessels diseases, atherosclerosis of the vessels, vascular inflammatory diseases, aneurysms and also the defects of the arteries in the limbs.

Doppler scan lets evaluate the patency of venous system, exclude or confirm the thrombosis of the veins and to assess efficiency of superficial and deep venous system. It is a basic examination for qualification for the type of treatment of venous diseases (varicose veins).

The Doppler ultrasound is a basic tool in the diagnostics of various types of ulcerations and wounds on the legs (lower limbs).

The Doppler examination of carotid arteries is done after stroke, TIA, in case of dizziness or fainting to exclude or confirm the disorders of vessels of the neck and the base of the brain.