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A luxurious ritual for the lips – an alternative or supplement to the augmentation procedure with hyaluronic acid. Oui Beauty Boosting kit is dedicated to people who want to improve the condition of their lips by moisturizing and rejuvenating them. 

During the treatment, a safe, dermatologically tested roller and a serum with oils from hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and soybeans are used.

The course of the procedure: The procedure consists of rolling the lips and their area, i.e. microneedling of the lip in an appropriate manner for about 2 minutes, after disinfecting the treatment area. Additionally, we enhance the effect by massaging in a dedicated serum.


irregular and rough structure of the mouth
fine wrinkles around the lips
emphasizing the shape and color of the lips
preparation of the lips for the application of makeup


viral, bacterial and fungal diseases of the mouth and its vicinity
contact allergies
other inflammation and irritation

Frequency of use: twice a month, in the case of the lips after the hyaluronic acid modeling treatment – once a month, but the serum can be used more often, even daily.