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Hialuronic acid is a natural component of the skin which provides the exact hydration, firmness, smoothness and and elasticity.

It has been used in estetic medicine for more than 20 years and it is considered to be one of the safest filler. Nowadays hialuronic acid is the most common filler to correct wrinkles and for reconstruction and modeling of the face.

I work with the products of the reputable companies such as: Juvederm (ALLERGAN), Teosyal (TEOXANE), StylAge (VIVACY) and Princess (CROMA).

The course of the procedure: After prior skin anaesthesia, the doctor injects hialuronic acid, which is a gel, in the corrected region with the needle or canula.


The correction of naso-labial folds,
The correction of barcode above the upper lip (so-called smokers’ wrinkles),
The correction of the chin (so-called marionette lines)
Lip filling and hydrating,
The reduction of the falling corners of the mouth,
Volume and symmetr restoration with the correction of the face oval,
The reduction of the eye shadows,
The correction of the nose.


Infection in the treated region,
The general infection especially of the upper respiratory tract and sinusitis,
Dental interventions, especially implantology and root canal treatment of the tooth within the one month period,
Unregulated autoimmune disease,
Neoplasmatic disease (especially in the treatment period),
Pregnancy and breast feeding period.

Side effects:

  • Often: bruises, edema up to few days, delicate erythema, pain,
  • Rare: giant edema, asymetry, allergy, nodule,
  • Extremely rare: infection, necrosis, induration, scar.

Periodicity: one intervention in the certain region every 8-12 months, the patient can return to normal activity immediately.