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Hair loss is a natural process which is a result of 3 different phases : growth, falling out and rest.

Usually we go for the consultation of the dermatologist when we loose more than 100 hairs per day or areas with alopecia appear, sometimes even with scarring.

The factors which influence hair loss are:

  • Systemic diseases (including autoimmune diseases) with a special consideration of thyroid diseases,
  • Different skin problems,
  • Intensive or long stress,
  • External factors, including wrong care or the damages with chemical substances (hair dye),
  • Genetic factors.

The treatment of hair loss and the diseases causing hair is based on the right choice of pharmacotherapy in combination with mesotherapy of the scalp, including platelet rich plasma and the stimulation of hair growth with dermapen. Supportive therapy can also be given in cooperation with a psychologist and psychiatrist.