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Botulinum toxin, popularly called BOTOX, is a substance used to correct mimic wrinkles of the face.

The effect of the treatment is the relaxation of the certain muscules and the smoothing of the wrinkles.

The intervention, done by the doctor, is based on injecting the liquid substance in the suitable region. The injection is delicate, almost painless, done with the very thin needle.


Horizontal wrinkles of the forehead,
Wrinkles around the eyes (so-called crow’s feet),
Wrinkles above the upper lip- barecode (so-called smokers wrinkles),
Wrinkles between the brows (so-called frown lines),
Wrinkles of the nose (so-called rabbit),
Hooked nose (nose tip falling),
Falling corners of the mouth,
Excessive maseters,
The correction of the mentalis muscle.


Infection of the treated region,
Pregnancy and the breast feeding period,
The disorders of the neuromuscular conduction,
Some drugs taking (discussed with the doctor before the intervention).


It should be considered to be repeated every 3-6 month.
The full effect after 14 days,
The return to regular activity immediately.


Recommendations after treatment. It is prohibited to:

  • To bend down and lie down for 4 hours after treatment,
  • To fly within one day,
  • To expose the treated area to heat for up to 5 days after (sun bed, sauna),
  • To press the treated region (helmet, goggles),