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The substances used for lipolysis, after injection in the treated area, dissolve the fat tissue and the fat cells are later removed from the organism.

After the application of a local anaesthetic, usually with the cream, the doctor performs several injections into the subcutaneous tissue with the certain quantity of the liquid product in the treated area.


Abdominal area,
Hips area,
The inner side of thighs and knees,
Double chin,
Outer surface of thighs (so called breeches).


Blood coagulation disorders,
Pregnancy and breast feeding period,
Neoplasmatic diseases,
Autoimmune diseases,
Liver rand kidneys diseases.

Side effects:

  • Often: pain, pruritus, burning, erythema, edema (it can persist for a few days, max 14)
  • Rare: induration, fibrosis, allergic reaction
  • Extremely rare: necrosis, scar.