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This method is based on skin injections with suitable substances such as: hialuronic acid, vitamins, peptides, amino-acids, antioxidants, minerals and others, evenly given in small deposits.

I work with following products: Redensity I, NCTF HA, RRS HA, RRS eses, Jalupro HNW, Skinbooster Restylane, Hydra Max Styl Age, XL hair, Alidya, Priness Rich Croma.


Ageing prevention,
The reduction of fine wrinkles,
Skin hydration and brightening,
The reduction of scars and stretch marks,
The improvement of hair condition and inhibition of hair loss and reversal of the processes of alopecia,
Cellulite removal.


Bacterial, viral and fungal infection of the treated skin (including active herpes),
Pregnancy and breast feeding period,
Unregulated autoimmune disease.

Side effects:

  • Often: bruises, transitional irregularities of the skin,
  • Rare: allergic reaction, skin infections,
  • Extremely rare: persistent lumps.

Periodicity: 3-6 interventions every 2-4 weeks, each with the anaesthetic cream.