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Cryo T-Shock is one of the latest devices that shapes the body, reduces localized excess fat, while firming the skin and having anti-aging properties. This technology uses thermokinetic processes, especially the reaction of fat cells to thermal shock, to improve the appearance of the face and the body as a whole.

The aim of the treatment is to induce apoptosis, i.e. slow programmed death of fat cells, which, compared to other cells, are more susceptible to the effects of low temperatures. During the procedure, lower and higher temperatures are used to influence the body’s thermoregulatory mechanisms, which stimulate the skin and tissues, accelerating cellular activity. This device, from the Italian company Pagani, meets the safety requirements, and the appropriately selected temperature and its control ensure effectiveness individually matched to the needs. The treatment is non-invasive, but it is recommended to perform them in series of 4 to 8, depending on the needs. In cases of fat tissue reduction, the intervals between treatments should be 2 weeks, and in the case of anti-aging procedures, once a week.


1. localized excess body fat
2. double chin
3. cellulite of any type
4. skin laxity and wrinkles
5. loss of the oval of the face
6. swelling under the eyes
7. vascular skin including the initial stage of rosacea
8. acute and chronic pain in the area of ​​the locomotor system


1. unregulated thyroid disease or other metabolic disease
2. severe kidney or liver disease
3. pregnancy
4. infections in the treatment area and systemic
5. damage to the skin and epidermis in the area undergoing therapy
6. hypersensitivity or allergy to heat / cold
7. raynaud’s disease / syndrome
8. cancer
9. minority

Po zabiegu:

1. light diet, drinking about 1.5 liters of water a day
2. walks, moderate exercise