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Sclerotherapy under the control of Doppler is used to obliterate the bigger venous trunks. It helps to avoid surgery, sometimes it can be used instead of miniphlebectomy. During the treatment liquid or foam mixed with air are used in concentration from 1% to 3%.

The type of sclerotherapy under ultrasound control is the sclerotherapy with endovascular catheter, Doppler is used to illustrate the proper venous trunk. During sclerotherapy vein ( varicose vein) contracts and become fibrotic. Not only one sclerotherpy is needed to obliterate the vein, sometimes 2 or 3 sessions of treatment are necessary.

Side effects after sclerotherapy (they are sometimes present): irregularity or discoloration or hyperpigmantation of skin after obliteration of the vein, especially of a bigger caliber.

To avoid or to reduce the risk the mentioned side effects we recommend special stockings and local pads for compression, we suggest compression for 10-14 days depending on the place and extent of the treatment.