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Skin augmentation with hialuronic acid

Hialuronic acid is a natural component of the skin which provides the exact hydration, firmness, smoothness and and elasticity. It has been used in estetic medicine for more than 20 years and it is considered to be one of the safest filler. Nowadays hialuronic acid is...

Medical peel

This is an estetic intervention which has to peel off the superficial layers of the epidermis in order to refresh, regenerate and hydrate the skin. I perform peels based on: solutio Jessner, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, almond acid, lactic acid, retinol and...

General dermatology – The diagnostics

DERMOSCOPY is a method of diagnosing both melanocytic ( so- called moles) and non melanocytic skin lesions with the use of a special microscope. The examination is not painful and it is based on applying the microscope on the skin and the evaluation of the skin...

Revitalization of the skin with Juvederm Volite after summer

The intervention with Juvederm Volite increases hydration and elasticity of the skin, gives her brightening and corrects fine wrinkles. The product, Juvederm Volite, is a cross-linked hialuronic acid which has more intense activity than classic mesotherapy with...

About us

Dr n. med. Joanna Suseł

I graduated The Medical University, The Medical Departament in Wrocław in 1997. In 2005 I received the specialist title of dermatologist and also the doctoral degree in medical science (Ph.D). I am a member of the Polish Dermatologic Society and The Society of Aesthetic Dermatologists. In my professional life I like challenges, I look for new solutions and I dig to the bottom the my patients problems. Privately I appreciate calm, Polish nature and a beauty of Italy. In my free time I carve in clay and I paint on canvas.

Lek. Marek Suseł

I graduated The Medical University, The Medical Department in Wrocław in 1997. In 2006 I received the specialist title of general surgeon and in 2011, the title of vascular surgeon. I am a member of Polish Surgeons Society , The Society of Vascular Surgeons,The Wound Healing Society and The Phlebology Society. At the hospital I do not hesitate to face difficult problems in surgery and often introduce modern procedures in vascular treatment. In my private life I enjoy extreme sports like ski-touring and motorbike riding.



Nowadays, both EVLT and Clarivein treatment, we join with a local miniphlebectomy and sclerotherapy in order to exclude not only the main venous trunk but also smaller branches, which give varicose veins in the area of knee or calf. It improves the aesthetic result...

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CLARIVEIN: Mechanico-chemical ablation of veins

Clarivein is an alternative system to the thermal ablation of veins. In contrast to EVLT, as mentioned above, tumescent anesthesia, is not needed. There is only a point local anesthesia iused at probe’s place of insertion into the vein. The energy is not necessary for...

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